Gift Set of Three Assorted Thai-Herbal Soaps

The set contains of three soap bars with variety of organic Thai herb extract—Rice Milk & Coconut, Turmeric & Safflower, Kariyat & Aloe Vera.

1. Rice milk & coconut soap bar : Nourish body/face skin, brighten and rejuvinate your skin
2. Turmeric & Safflower soap bar : Protect your skin from acne blemish
3. Kariyat & Aloe Vera:Repair skin cell with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory property to sooth and to soften skin

  • Great for facial and body skin.
  • Use daily to rejuvinate your skin.
  • Free from SLS & SLES
  • Special ingrediants: Honey, vitamin E which moisturizes and britens up skin and help in UV projection

Packaging: 3 Bars of Soap

Weight: 300 grams

Categories: Restoring
Tags: Thai herbal soap


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