Kariyat and Aloe Vera Soap for Rejuvenating Skin

Helps reduce wrinkles and inflammation of the skin, keep the skin firm and restore youthfulness to the skin.

  • Promote antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to skin
  • Protection against bacterial and UV
  • Heal wounds and sooth skin
  • Soap Mahanakhon is a Thailand-based soap maker with the mission to introduce Thai herbal soaps with the best skin benefits to consumers:
  • Our soaps are best for body and facial skin
  • Regular usage is highly recommended for the best skin condition
  • Our soaps contains additional essential ingredients: Honey and Vitamin E that helps UV protection, moisturizes your skin and reduces blemish
  • No SLS, SLES

Packaging: 1 Bar

Weight: 100 grams

Categories: Restoring, UV protection
Tags: Thai herbal soap


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