Rice Milk and Coconut Oil Soap for Deep Cleasing and Brightening Your Skin Tone

Rice Milk and Coconut Oil Soap for deep cleansing and brightening your skin tone with following essential benefits:

  • Nourishing your skin
  • Brightening skin tone
  • Reducing dark spots and blemish
  • Fresh and aromatic scent from Thai herbs to enhance impressive bathing experience
  • Soap Mahanakhon is a Thailand-based soap maker with the mission to introduce Thai herbal soaps with the best skin benefits to consumers.
  • Our soaps are best for body and facial skin.
  • Regular usage is highly recommended for the best skin condition.
  • Our soaps contains additional essential ingredients: Honey and Vitamin E for UV protection, moisturizer and blemish reduction.
  • No SLS, SLES
  • Certified by Thailand FDA and produced by the company with experience of over 20 years in skincare products

Packaging: 1 Bar

Weight: 100 grams

Categories: Restoring, Brightening
Tags: Thai herbal soap


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